Small Art, Big Love!

I’m Romana Adrianza, the artist behind all nursery wall art from The Small Art Project. I am very excited you are visiting my shop and hope you will like my watercolor paintings which I create with the intention to give little boys and girls bedrooms modern yet cozy and playful décor.

My Story:
I belong to the “Etsy Moms” club. When I was pregnant I made just a couple nursery paintings for my baby girl’s bedroom. I truly enjoyed the whole process of creating my first nursery art….

...from coming up with the baby room theme, searching for a color palette inspiration, considering the style of painting to give the room and specially my baby girl just the right ambiance, mixing the colors to discover the nicest shades, sketching the art details, painting, combining different sizes and pictures, choosing the perfect print papers and at the end framing the winning combination.

I loved it and decided I want to repeat this whole process again by creating more nursery inspired collections which I could offer to moms all around the world. 

True originals:
The nursery art prints offer is endless. For me however stock photography, cartoons or cliparts miss any type of personal feelings (animals with bubble gums or flowers on their head 😊). I never use any of these downloaded stock elements in my paintings.

My approach to children’s art is different. It’s not only about the final result – the picture itself. I enjoy the whole process of creating a painting and hope that the positive loving feelings I experience while painting will be reflected in my art and thus will give a good vibe in anyone’s home decor.

I like to get inspired by simple and clean Scandinavian designs, spending some time on social media and searching for interiors, furniture, baby & kids clothing and toys give me always new ideas about color palettes or décor trends.

Thank you for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to give you more information or help you to find the perfect wall décor for your children’s rooms.

Warmest regards,